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My name is Otto Nijs and I live in a town near Nijmegen, Holland. I teach Multimedia at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design. I've been riding bikes since 1993; I started out with a Suzuki GS 750, after that came an original red CBX (A-type) which I rode for a period of five years, followed by a Suzuki DR800 one cylinder. My hobbies are building bikes, sports, and designing stuff.

  From February 2002 to June 2011 I rode this Suzuki GSX-R 1100, the bike of which I used fork and wheels for the CBX INOX. It was my daily means of transport, in summer and winter.  
  May 2011: back to basic. From 155bhp to 50bhp, from 1100cc to 800cc, from four to one cylinder, from a 1994 bike to a 1990 bike. Quite weird to take so many steps back but the loss of power was compensated with this bike's huge fun-factor: speed bumps, winding roads and sandy trails are a blast with this matt black Suzuki DR800.  

April 2014: after three years I got fed up with the lack of power. As I saw this 1995 GSX-R 1100 (old habits die hard) I couldn't resist. After a small accident I'd a good reason to give it the looks it deserves: matt black.

The original colour scheme was quite 'happy'; aim at the picture to see it.


    In November 2019 I scaled up to a motorcycle that is as oversized as it is unsuitable for commuting (summer ánd winter) ... but strange enough that is why it's so attrictive: the Suzuki GSX1300R, better known as 'Hayabusa'. What a joy, even in winter.  

September 2002 I initiated a new project. A bike based on a Chevy 5.7L V8 engine, and there are some turbos and nitrous oxide involved. And no, this bike's not gonna look like a Boss Hoss ;-)

Want a glimpse of the project? Click here.