I rarely hear people say something like "your motorcycle looks like ...". And íf people do compare it to anything, it's usually to the Stealth bomber or to vehicles in MadMax or Terminator movies.

By far the most important inspiration is the CBX engine itself though! The bike is fully dedicated to it: the frame is kept narrow, all fuss is removed to focus on the engine. The end effect is ... the removed fuss draws all the attention to it! So I failed ;-)

The Stealth Bomber (officially Lockheed F-117A) was designed to be 'angular' to avoid radar contact. Something that (perhaps unintendly) gives the plane a futuristic look.
The MadMax movies also inspire by uncompromizing, aggressive-looking vehicles.
Aggressive, futuristic.
The DeLorean was a futuristic car in the 80s. Except for the doors it does look a bit out of date now. What remains is the unsurpassed material for the framework: unpainted stainless steel.
Stainless steel is a wonderful material but requires perfection: not a single irregularity can be covered by filling or paint.
During the 'official' presentation of the CBX INOX on March 19 2000 I revealed the sources of inspiration.