The long way to the ultimate seat. At first I wanted the motorcycle to be suitable for both solo- and two-seater use. The duo passenger's seatconstruction could be disassembled, but this was never put into practice.
The first design in the 3D-program Form*Z shows two twin spring solo seats.
A triangular construction carries its passengers. In this design the taillights are located at the rear fender.
The triangular construction turned out to be obsolete. Solo seats without springs are plainer and better. Unfortunately it looked terrible 'in reality'.
Things should be more simple, more angular, more spartan. The taillights have now moved from the rear fender to the back of the seats.
No, two separate seats look too cluttered.
It's better to merge them into one seat.
Designed in wood and foam; is it comfortable?
Subsequently, designing a drivers' seat is far more simple.
'In the flesh' I kinda liked it too.
Shape and size of the seats have been specified now, but I still wanted a dual taillight.
Grind your teeth: the grinder is going in the frame!
Came up with a new construction here ...
... and applied it.
The steel baseplate is covered with 3 cm of foam and has leather upholstery.
The taillights can be taken off, just like the solo seat.
Two bars are pushed into the frame instead of the taillights. The two-seater is mounted, as are the taillights.
The bars carry the wiring for the taillights.
Just like the solo seat, the two-seater features leather upholstery.
And this is what it looks like.
As told before the duo passenger's seatconstruction was never put into practice.
For both taillights first I milled a steel original (far left). A silicon mould has been made out of it (back). Blending 2-component epoxy casting with pigment didn't get me the right brightness and transparancy (middle block). Ultimately I perspex-glued bright-red sheets (block four) and milled them (far right). Each taillight has three light bulbs: two serve as taillight, the third (halogen) serves as brake light and indicator.
The solo seat is quite comfortable despite its looks ... so not really 'Spartan' enough.
Stainless steel is a more appropriate material for this bike. This 4mm plate though is not solid enough.
So I made a 15mm massive version. It weighs more than 4.5 kilo, but this one has the right optical volume.
A delicate, but important difference; point at the picture...