It's not like you've been busy building your own bike for five years just to bring in some awards. But if you do get some eventually, it's a nice token of appreciation. The score so far is twentyfour.
June 4th 2000, Streetfightershow in Leiden, Holland. My first show and two prizes. The first, runner-up Streetfighter of the Year, brought in a huge cup.
A detail.
I was honored to receive the title of 'Most Innovative Streetfighter' and another trophy.
A detail.
KicXstart had a video made of the Streetfightershow. It shows, among a videoclip of my motorcycle (click here), me collecting the awards. Click on the image to watch this (QuickTime, 1.9 Mb).
On August 18, 19 and 20 2000, the Dutch CBX1000-club organised the 'CBX Euromeeting' in Almelo. Here I won the prize for best-looking special. A plaquette came with it.
This is me collecting the award.
Saturday September 16 2000, self-builders collective 'Hok 14' (which consists of constructors from Delft and Hengelo) organized a (killer!) party in Hengelo. I was honored 'No. 1 self-builder'.
Visit their website at, definitely worth a shot.
Not a real prize, but at its place here.
At the CBX-Euromeeting I met Gerrit Bruggeman. He makes wooden models of existing motorcycles. Gerrit wanted to make one of mine. A 'CBX WOOD' so to speak.
The model is sawn like a kind of puzzle, so you can disassemble it completely. Dimensions: 32 cm x 17 cm x 2,6 cm. Interested? Call Gerrit at +31(0)546862927.
The first trip after The Great Rebuild was 'MotoAcXtion 2002' at the racetrack Zolder (Belgium), 16th of June 2002. A grand show, organized by KicXstart and others. Part of the event was the Benelux Streetfightershow.
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The show was won bij the German Mick Hüby (at my right) with his beautiful extreme GPZ turbo 'NOSfearatu'. I myself won second prize, and 750 Euro.
The document that came with it.
8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of August: the Bulldog Bash, Englands main motorcycle event.
No less than two prizes I won there.
Here you see me receiving first prize 'Best Engineering'. This meant £500,-, plus a set Avon tyres (which I never got...), plus a Dynojet testrun (which I never got...) plus a NOS-kit for the CBX (which I got after one and a half year!).
I'm proud being 'Runner Up Best of Show', i.e. the second place all categories. Not bad for a Dutchman with a Japanese engine on a Hells Angels meeting, eh?

More info about me visiting the Bulldog Bash: click here.

Both trophys survived the journey home.
8th -11th of November 2002: Germany's biggest streetfightershow 'FighteRama' in Rheinberg.
Saturday evening, at the party, the prize giving ceremony: I won 'Best Special 2002'.
Click on the image to watch a clip of the prize giving (2,8 Mb).
A nice stainless steel trophy representing the logo from the German streetfighter magazine 'Fighters Magazin': a knuckle-buster on a 'F'.

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17th of May 2003: streetfightershow at the Rockanje Classic Races. Organized for the first time, about 15 bikes competed.
Actually the prize contained two prizes:
- riding two laps of honour on the circuit;
- and ...
... a unique steel miniature impression of my bike, made by Kado UnieK.
A month later the 23 cm artpiece arrived.
It may not be the most prestigious prize I won, but it looks the best for sure!

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3th - 7th of July 2003 I visited the 'VII Fantasy Show Bike' at Sestao, Spain. I won 'Best Custom' and 600 Euro.

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24th - 27th of July 2003 I visited the 'Rock & Blues Custom Show' at Pentrich, England. I won 'Best Engineering' (£200) and 'Runner-Up Furthest Travelled' (£100).
Click the picture to enlarge it.
Click the picture to view the 3,0 Mb clip of the Runner-Up Furthest Travelled prize.

Click the picture to view the 3,0 Mb clip of the Best Engineering prize.

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10th - 11th of June 2006 I visited the ratbike event in IJsselstein (NL), organized by the Dutch Hardly Rideables. I won 'Best Fighter'.

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October 15 2006 I showed the CBX at the 'Custom Competition Cup' during the Intermot at Cologne (D). I ended up third in the category 'Streetfighters'

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August 7th - August 14th 2007: a CBX-trip to Germany, the second year in a row. Main goal was the 'Bike and Music Weekend' at Geiselwind. I won three awards there: 'Best Streetbike', 'Best Engineering' and 'Furthest travelled'.

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July 5th - July 13th 2008: a CBX-trip criss-cross Holland and Belgium, and some Germany. A non-planned trip to a bike show in Steenwijk got me an unexpected first place.

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December 6th and 7th 2008 I visited the Custom & Trade Show at Kalkar (D). I won 'Best Special'.

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August 2010 I visited a bike meeting in Denmark called 'Alstræf'. I won the award for 'længst kørende mand' (= furthest travelled).

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August 2 - August 10 2011: a holiday which main destination was the mega bike meeting Free Wheels in France. I won runner-up category Streetbike.

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August 12 - August 19, 2013: a holiday with a bike meeting at MC Roadrunners and visiting nine museums. I got first at the Roadrunners.

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At the Speed Bike Show during the 46th Essen Motor Show, December 2013, I won 'Best of Show'.

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At the bike event from Bikerfreunde Langenstein (D) I won 'schönste Bike'.

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