It was by chance that I got the address of Stefan Jung, member of the German CBX club. He is quite experienced in reconditioning CBX engines. I asked him to capture the reconditioning on film.
Everything taken apart, to the last bolt.
The pistons checked and weighed.
Put in new wire- endings and sprayed it
Honed the cylinder walls and put in new chains. A renewal of the pistons turned out to be unnecessary.
Refaced the valve seats.
The engine is built up again.
Aluminum covers have been polished.
The engine placed inside the frame.
This is how the ZX7R-alternator looks on a CBX A-type. This alternator supplies no less than 430 Watt.
And this is how the same alternator looks in my frame.
The six carbs (here you see four of them) have been cleaned ultrasonically. The spray nozzles and needles have been replaced by a Dynojet Stage 3-kit.
K&N-filters come with that: more power, beautiful intake-sound.
Picture: Lammert Steinfelder/KicXstart.
July until November 2003 I initiated 'Stage III': radical and less radical changes combined with necessary maintenance.

Talking about 'necessary maintenance': due to heavy loss of compression the engine had to be taken apart. Klaus Sarembe replaced the pistons by 0.50mm oversized ones. He refaced the valve seats and replaced the valve guides (all 24 of them). Being at it, I had both cam chain guides replaced as well. Expensive, but necessary.

The starter motor was the last black part of the engine. No more.

Aim at the picture to view the repainted starter motor.