Just like the wheels, the upsidedown fork has been derived from a GSX-R1100: solid bike, solid fork. Klaus Sarembe found one for me in Germany.
The triple trees haves been milled out of aluminum from the bankrupt Fokker factories. One man's breath...
Making the lower triple tree was difficult because the axis is squeezed in there.
But then again, you don't want to hit the road with a frigile little triple tree like that.
The slot in the upper triple tree serves as a transit for all the handlebars wiring.
This is a bottom view of the triple tree set. Brake hose fittings are connected to both of the small holes; the lower triple tree serves as a T-piece for the front brake lines.
The fork's adjustment screws hold out above the upper triple tree. Hence a stainless steel handlebar riser between upper triple tree and handlebar.
The upper triple tree has my self-built's logo on it: 'CBX' for the engine, and 'INOX', which is short for 'Inoxidable' (French for stainless steel).
I designed many varieties. Most of them are rather complex, like this one.
No, just plain and simple.
And this is how that looks in reality.
This picture also shows you how the brake line is split in the lower triple tree.
These lights are kind of legal, bought from Star Twin.
They required a special construction. In both the headlights there's a magnet switch hidden.
July until November 2003 I initiated 'Stage III': radical and less radical changes combined with necessary maintenance.

Aim at the picture to view the repainted headlights.

The forks' exteriors were a bit scratched. I disassembled and polished them.

Aim at the picture to view the result.

The forks again: this tube looks like it needs some attention, doesn't it? Being impossible to repair, I replaced both of them, as I did the oil seals and the anti-friction metals.

Aim at the picture to view a new leg.