The frame: simple, angular, solid and stainless.
An early design shows the frame in 'narrow' 40x30x3mm stainless steel box girders. The swingarm 'already' consists of 60x30x3mm stainless steel. The construction of the seats has been reinforced here with extra girders.
The ultimate design has been entirely built with 60x30x3mm stainless steel box girders. The extra girders for the seat construction turned out to be unnecessary.
The frame in an early phase: turning this way and that again and again. After that: welding it.
There's not much left of the bike if you take out the huge engine. Which was the intention: the frame was kept as narrow as possible to make the engine come out fairly wide.
The extra long swingarm gives the bike the appearance of a dragracer.
After it had been welded, everything was taken apart and processed with an excentric sander.
The swingarm.
The original gear shift pedal and brake pedal look too cluttered and organic. They were declared unfit.
The right peg bracket in its purest form: milled from massive aluminum.
The first version had the stoplight switch and rear master cylinder installed on the peg bracket. The nozzle served as a brake fluid tank.
The rebuild CBX INOX has no peg brackets anymore. The footpegs now hinge diagonally to the back. The rear master cylinder and the stoplight switch are operated by a T-form lever which hinges around an axle at the bottom of the frame.
In the back on the left you'll find the a Fiat 600's ignition lock. It's small and it doesn't require a start button on the handlebar.
The frame number has been engraved 666NIJS01.
The registration certificate confirms this:
'666' stands for 'the number of the beast' and for my year of birth (june '66). 'NIJS01' stands for 'the first self-built bike by Nijs' and for 'nice one'.
July until November 2003 I initiated 'Stage III': radical and less radical changes combined with necessary maintenance.

The front of the swing arm needed some welding.

Aim at the picture to view the welded swingarm.

The inside of the swing arm needed attention as well. I replaced both bearing with sealed ones. The top of the swing arm was rounded to avoid the chain hitting it.

Aim at the picture to view the changed swingarm.

One detail I finally improved was hiding the rear brake hose. Of course it's in the swing arm now.

Aim at the picture to 'view' the hidden brake hose.