My choice for the wheels was just as easy as my fork's choice: GSX-R1100. Why? Solid, strong and can be dressed up with wide Pirelli Dragons. Dragracer Klaus Sarembe found them for me in Germany.
The wheels' and fork's previous owner might have looked like this.
On a GSX-R, the cheesy-pink 17" front-wheel is slowed down by a Nissin four piston brake calipers. With my bike, the front brake moved to the rear.
Brandnew (gold-colored!) 6-pot brakes by Nissin clasp my brake disc.
Sixteen brake calipers suffice to force a stainless steel motorcycle to stop. Detail: the chain tensioners have been concealed in the swingarm.
First, all text is milled from the wheel's rim, after which the wheels are sprayed.
Next we fit it with a Pirelli Dragon GTS 190/50-17. Detail: the swingarm ends with reflectors.
The front wheel gets a Pirelli Dragon GTS 120/10-17.
'Nissin' is milled off of the brakes. Because why advertize for something I paid for big time?
Same story for the rear brake.
July until November 2003 I initiated 'Stage III': radical and less radical changes combined with necessary maintenance.

'Just' a minor detail, but details matter; this time the rusty front axle shaft.

Aim at the picture to view the axle shaft.

I replaced the magnet that triggers the digital speedometer on the rear brake disc, by a more subtle one. And took some time for the finishing touch by spraying it.

Aim at the picture to view the improved rear brake disc.

I cleaned the chain and the sprocket.

Aim at the picture to view the clean-up.